Cambridge Primary English (Cambridge University Press)

Cambridge Primary English is a flexible, endorsed resource written to support Cambridge Assessment International Education's curriculum framework (Stages 1-6). The resources are aimed at first language English learners, encouraging them to actively explore, use and apply their core listening, speaking, reading and writing skills through individual, pair and group work.


International Primary English (Collins)

Collins International Primary English is an inspiring course for primary students worldwide. It includes a wide range of engaging and stimulating texts to build literacy and language skills, and a digital component to support teaching and extend learning.


Cambridge Primary English (Hodder Education)

This series takes an international approach to the Cambridge Primary English curriculum framework for Stages 1-6. Following extensive research it was specifically developed to be mindful of learners whose first language is not English. As such it includes free-to-download audio files that accompany each Student’s Book and Workbook and has been rigorously checked to ensure appropriate language levels and relevance to a wide range of countries and cultures.


Oxford International English (Oxford University Press)

Thematic units of age-appropriate fiction and non-fiction expose students to rich language texts from around the world, to develop core English skills. Structured teaching frameworks, clear learning objectives and assessment criteria ensure confident delivery of all the core skills for first and second language learners. Clear teaching scaffolding ensures effective progression for every student. This course is an ideal resource for PYP teachers.


Oxford English for Cambridge Primary (Oxford University Press)

Clear learning objectives ensure systematic development of core skills and complete coverage of the Cambridge Primary English curriculum framework. Thematic units featuring texts from around the world provide a fantastic foundation to motivate students, keeping them engaged and building their confidence. Structured teaching support leads to confident delivery of all the core skills for first and second language learners.


Connect (Vista Higher Learning)

English learners (ELs) face the unique challenge of learning English as they are also learning grade-level content through English. Connect is a new, comprehensive standards based English language development built to support students who are at risk of falling behind due to language barriers. This powerful print and digital solution focuses on developing communication and literacy skills, as well as academic knowledge in the contents areas of math, science, social studies, music, and art.

Aligns with the following standards: WIDA, CA ELD, TX TEKS, CCSS (ELA and Math), NGSS (Science), NCSS (Social Studies), and CEFR (ELT/International)


Get Ready! (Vista Higher Learning)

Get Ready! is the newest, most comprehensive program for Newcomer and beginning proficiency elementary students. Published in two volumes, the curriculum is built on the specialized knowledge necessary for working with culturally and linguistically diverse learners, the assets they bring into the classroom, and the unique academic challenges they face. The fully integrated print and digital components make it the ideal choice for in-person or remote teaching and learning.

Get Ready! Sail is for primary elementary grades and Get Ready! Soar is for upper elementary grades.


Cambridge Lower Secondary English (Second edition) (Collins)

Build strong foundations in preparation for Cambridge Upper Secondary with Cambridge Lower Secondary English. This skills-focused course offers rich and comprehensive coverage of the new curriculum framework with differentiation to support all learners. Offer a clear focus on improving skills for reading, writing, speaking and listening, with particular emphasis on reading for pleasure.


Cambridge Checkpoint Lower Secondary English (Third edition) (Hodder Education)

Cambridge Checkpoint is an intermediary stage for the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) students in which they build on their understanding and skills in English, Science and Mathematics. This sets an excellent preparatory ground for them to take on higher Cambridge qualification including the IGCSE. The tests are designed with international learners in mind so as to suit students of all cultural and language backgrounds. The tests are assessed by CIE that provides schools with an international yardstick to gauge student performance.


Cambridge Lower Secondary English (Second edition) (Cambridge University Press)

NEW Cambridge Lower Secondary English Develops learners’ English skills as they explore the world through non-fiction texts, perform poetry and write their own stories! You will find a range of international fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama throughout this series to help your learners develop their understanding of different genres and text types.


Cambridge O Level English Language 3rd Edition (Cambridge University Press)

Explore the third edition of Cambridge O Level English Language resources written by Graham Elsdon, Helen Rees-Bidder, Helen Toner and Patrick Creamer. This series has been developed to support teachers and students of the Cambridge O Level English Language syllabus (1123) and features a coursebook with digital access, digital coursebook and a digital teacher’s resource.


Cambridge IGCSE™ First Language English Student’s Book Fourth Edition (Hodder Education)

This title is endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education to support the full syllabus for examination from 2020. Inspire students with a new theme based approach while supporting them with practical advice and accessible explanations. Improve writing skills with sample responses and teacher commentary, and establish a strong background in spelling, punctuation and grammar.


Cambridge IGCSE™ English as a Second Language Second Edition (Hodder Education)

Confidently navigate the new Cambridge IGCSE English as a Second Language syllabus for examination from 2024 with an all-encompassing course companion; expertly formulated to ensure students develop practical language skills and key cultural knowledge with the support of real-world, internationally focused guidance.


Cambridge Global English (Cambridge University Press)

Cambridge Global English is a nine-stage series that covers primary and lower secondary, taking your learners from A1 to B1/B2 CEFR level. A variety of fiction, non-fiction and poetry gives young students an opportunity to read and listen to a range of text types, helping them to develop a broad vocabulary. With international topics from adventures in space, to sport and nature, the course helps your class develop the skills to study across the curriculum in English.


Bridges to Literature and Content (Vista Higher Learning)

Bridges to Literature and Content is a comprehensive, standards-based literacy program designed to empower middle school students to become stronger independent readers. This powerful print and digital solution develops academic language and literacy skills through authentic texts and content-driven lessons, while addressing the proficiency needs of every student.