All-new myWorld Interactive K-8 encourages students to explore their world, expand their thinking, and engage with social studies content and the C3 Framework. The curriculum is flexible and easily adapts to every classroom. Create active, responsible citizens who can make a difference now with myWorld Interactive.

  • myWorld Interactive K-5
  • myWorld Interactive American History 6-8
  • myWorld Interactive World History 6-8
  • myWorld Interactive World Geography 6-8


World history is more than the “story” of our past. Its consequences can be felt today, and may impact our future. New World History Interactive is a modern, inquiry-based social studies curriculum that promotes critical thinking, immersive experiences, and informed action. It leverages the C3 Framework to make world history experiential and culturally relevant for all students.






Into Social Studies K-6 foster participatory citizens and future leaders.

In partnership with a leading provider of dynamic social studies curricula, Into Social Studies captivates K-6 students with vibrant magazines and hands-on activities that transform every classroom into a world stage. Through an engaging, flexible curriculum that marries nonfiction content with literacy goals, students develop the strong contextual foundations they need to build knowledge and find their place in the world.


Cambridge Global Perspectives for Lower Secondary – Boost Subscription (Hodder Education)

Develop your student's ability to think critically about issues on a local, national and global level with a selection of 16 bundles of resources, each linked to a challenge, plus a bundle of resources to support the Individual Report.

Save time planning your lessons with the teacher notes that explain how they can be used alongside the targeted challenge and include guidance on the learning objectives, formative feedback and personal, local and global perspectives. Help learners develop a deeper understanding of the world beyond their own personal experiences with a variety of stimulus photographs presented as PowerPoint activities.


Cambridge Primary Global Perspectives (Cambridge University Press)

This series supports teachers and students of the Cambridge Primary Global Perspectives Curriculum Framework (0838) Stages 4-6. Created to help your learners develop key transferable skills – including collaboration, evaluation and more – these resources encourage learners to think critically and appreciate a range of perspectives.


Cambridge International AS & A Level Economics (Cambridge University Press)

Introduce your learners to the world of economics with the fourth edition of Cambridge International AS & A Level Economics series. Featuring a coursebook with digital access, digital coursebook, workbook with digital access and digital teacher’s resource, your students will gain a clear understanding of how economics operates on an international scale, while developing key skills, such as analysis and evaluation.


IB Economics (Oxford University Press)

The most trusted IB Economics resources, used in hundreds of schools worldwide. Developed in cooperation with the IB, this bestselling Course Book has been revised and updated to provide the most comprehensive support for the new DP Economics syllabus, for first teaching in September 2020.

Build accessible and engaging lessons with an emphasis on real-world international examples and case studies. Deepen economic understanding via inquiry-based tasks, links to TOK and ATL skills activities. Focus on the skills required to succeed in IB assessment, including model exam questions and worked solutions.