Everything you need to teach primary music!

An award-winning digital primary music curriculum resource - a complete scheme to deliver the National Curriculum for Music, plus over 400 songs and Ukulele Magic, a tutorial for whole-class ensemble teaching. Collins Music Express is the go-to resource for thousands of schools who want a comprehensive, engaging and ambitious music scheme that’s easy to use for non-specialists and specialists.

Music Express has everything you need to teach a coherently planned music curriculum for Early Year Foundation and Ages 5-11. It includes fully resourced lessons, planning documents and lots of activities to develop musicianship.


Use alongside Music Expressor any other music scheme!

The Music Express Extra books are versatile resources covering a wide range of topics designed to further enhance pupils’ musical knowledge and skills. These can be used as a key part of your scheme of work or as a dip-in resource.



Mastering Primary Art and Design

Mastering Primary Art and Design introduces the primary art and design curriculum and helps trainees and teachers learn how to plan and teach inspiring lessons that make learning art and design irresistible. Topics covered include:

  • Current developments in art and design
  • Art and design as an irresistible activity
  • Art and design as a practical activity
  • Skills to develop in art and design
  • Promoting curiosity
  • Assessing children in art and design
  • Practical issues

This guide includes examples of children’s work, case studies, readings to reflect upon and reflective questions that all help to show students and teachers what is considered to be best and most innovative practice, and how they can use that knowledge in their own teaching to the greatest effect. The book draws on the experience of three leading professionals in primary art and design, Peter Gregory, Claire March and Suzy Tutchell, to provide the essential guide to teaching art and design for all trainee and qualified primary teachers.


Art in the Primary School: Creating Art in the Real and Digital World

This book considers practical aspects of teaching art, focusing on key processes of art making that children might experience in primary schools. It is based around the idea that digital tools and technologies can and should be integrated into the learning and teaching of art, exploring:

  • What art is like in the primary school, why it should be taught and what is included in the curriculum
  • How learning is planned, assessed, taught and supported in the classroom
  • Learning about and from artists and how digital technology can be part of the art curriculum
  • Key processes such as drawing, painting, printmaking, collage and textiles, working in three dimensions and making digital art

Uniquely incorporating the use of digital devices, tools and technologies into the subject of art, this book will be essential reading for those training to teach and support learning in art in the primary school.


The Arts in Primary Education: Breathing life, colour and culture into the curriculum

Studying the arts, including visual arts, music, dance, drama and literature, has numerous benefits across the primary curriculum. A truly creative curriculum has the power to motivate and energise pupils; it develops creative and critical thinking, problem solving, language, and fine motor skills. But what is the best way to invest in and improve arts education across a school? Drawing on interviews with successful school leaders, case studies and her own extensive experience working in the education departments of the Courtauld Gallery, the National Gallery and Somerset House, Ghislaine Kenyon presents simple, inexpensive and practical ways to integrate the arts across the primary curriculum.

The Arts in Primary Education shows how resources already present in schools, such as picture books or the outdoor environment, can be used to develop a creative culture. With a focus on long-term initiatives including partnerships with art institutions and the training and personal development of teachers, the book also presents clear and accessible explanations of the benefits of integrating the arts across a school. Backed by research and evidence and complete with images and descriptions of artworks, this guide is ideal for helping develop a whole-school arts curriculum to enrich learning and raise attainment in all subject areas.