Make fractions finally make sense with Frax

Frax, adaptive and game-based, uses the latest research-based instructional methods to create a better way to learn fractions. With Frax, students come to understand that fractions are numbers too. The fun challenges, personalized instruction, and motivating rewards help students build their skills and understanding – all while exploring the galaxy with fractions!



Stop the fractions struggle

Frax stops the fractions struggle and puts students on a path to ongoing success in higher mathematics. Game-based and story-driven, the adaptive system meets students where they are and unlocks new games, challenges and rewards for their efforts.



Fun, challenging games and rewards

Fun games challenge students to perform activities that build their fractions skills and understanding. Supported by brief, just-in-time instruction, they learn largely by doing. Plus, they earn motivating rewards for effort and progress.



Classroom support

Comprehensive teacher support materials and real-time reporting help educators quickly discover when students are struggling and how to help.