Personalized Learning for Grades K–8
Reading and Mathematics


i-Ready Personalized Instruction uses insights from i-Ready Diagnostic to create a personalized path of engaging online lessons. In this way, students receive instruction and practice in areas where they need the most support. They feel motivated in the lessons because they are active, supportive, and relevant to their lives. Teachers love the program because they can add lessons, adjust the lesson sequence for their students, and know that their students are receiving explicit and systematic instruction.

Greater Learning Gains

i-Ready Personalized Instruction supports all students. That includes those at greatest risk of getting left behind as well as those working above grade level. Students who receive Personalized Instruction for an average of 45 minutes or more per subject per week for at least 18 weeks showed significantly more growth than students who did not.


Data-Driven Instruction

Students receive a personalized lesson path of engaging instruction and practice based on their i-Ready Diagnostic results. Teachers get intuitive, personalized reports with actionable data to track student progress. They even get alerts when students need more of their support on a skill.


Motivating Lessons for Students

Personalized Instruction lessons make learning active and engaging for students in several ways. Lessons:

  • Feature culturally relevant topics, so students see themselves reflected in their learning
  • Use corrective feedback to promote productive struggle, so students become more independent
  • Encourage participation, not just listening
  • Help students make real-world connections and understand the “why” behind the “how”
  • Let students track their progress in their own dashboard, so they become owners of their learning and growth