Authentic reporting on timely topics and current events

myON News, powered by News-o-Matic, delivers age-appropriate digital news articles for students, reporting on timely topics and current events. Articles incorporate engaging multimedia – videos, slideshows and photo galleries – to help students better understand the news. Subjects cover everything from space science and endangered species to football and fashion, engaging even the most reluctant reader.



Expand Horizons. Teach 21st-Century Skills.

Help students grow the skills they need to be literate citizens in today’s digital world with myON News. With five age-appropriate news articles delivered every weekday, 52 weeks a year, plus a searchable archive of thousands of published articles, students can stay up-to-date on the latest news, discoveries, world events, sports, and more as they build critical literacy skills.



Infuse literacy throughout the curriculum

myON News, helps teachers infuse literacy throughout the entire curriculum and grow students’ nonfiction reading skills with timely, relevant informational texts.



Teacher Guides provide discussion prompts, short activities, and other resources for integrating news articles into daily instruction in language arts, social studies, science, and even mathematics.



Real-time reports reveal trends in student reading, including the number of articles read, minutes spent reading, reading frequency, and most-popular articles at the class, grade, and school level.


Strengthen student’s digital and media literacy


Combat "fake news"

More than ever, students need to be media-savvy readers and critical thinkers. Help students learn the importance of unbiased reporting and reliable sources—as well as how to recognize fake news—with authentic, clearly sourced articles that model journalistic best practices.



Connect with real experts

As students read, evaluate, and discuss daily news articles, they learn how the news can affect their lives—and how they can affect the news! Articles even include Question and Answer sessions with scientists, authors, athletes, and more, using questions from real kids.