Boost Mastery & Achievement with Study Island

K–12 math, ELA, science, and social studies

Edmentum’s Study Island provides K–12 practice formative assessment, and test preparation. With thousands of items built specifically from your state standards, you have the flexibility and depth needed to support student learning to continuously engage, monitor, and assess progress.



Independent practice that builds retention

More than 600,000 standards-based items, including 12 technology-enhanced item types, are available in online practice sessions and printable worksheets.


Test Builder delivers assessments with ease

Build your test using Study Island’s standards-based item bank, filter by DOK level, and include your own custom items for the ideal assessment. Review performance immediately, and track success by topic and standard.


Group Sessions make learning fun

Launch live, collaborative, practice sessions for students—no matter where learning takes place—to build knowledge retention and formatively assess progress to inform ongoing instruction.


Actionable Data to Drive Student Achievement

Data Dashboard

Track real-time student progress using Edmentum Sensei data dashboard. Quickly see performance on specific topics and standards, drill into individual student results, and even assign additional practice.